Pretium Process

Pretium Projects offers unique solutions for your construction build with end-to-end services to create great structures and maximize project returns. Through close collaboration with all team members, we focus on optimizing the entire project as opposed to seeking the self interest of one member. We utilize the entire spectrum of skills - architect, sub consultants, subcontractors and suppliers - to maximize efficiencies in design, budget, quality and safety while eliminating waste and redundancies.

We are a client-first, service oriented company that takes every measure to achieve the owner's performance requirements while mitigating risk and liability. We are a fast-growing, forward-thinking lean construction company that takes a partnership approach to each of our projects. 

When you work with Pretium, you’re not getting just another contractor; you’re getting a trusted advisor for every aspect of your build.

We’re a part of these fine organizations that share our commitment to excellence in our fields.